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    Beichen Mountain, commonly known as northern rock, is one of the twelve famous scenery in Xiamen, is a good place to travel, but also a fine spring day, and colorful fairy tale world. Tongan District of the northeastern corner is located in Xiamen City, in the territory of the Tong'an significant town, adjacent to, Nanan, 12 km from the Tongan city. 1998 by the Fujian provincial government as a provincial-level scenic areas, scenic area of 12.2 square kilometers. Hilly, granite landforms, 12 Longtan waterfall, the main features. Beichen Mountain humanistic heritage, beautiful natural landscape.

    Beichen Mountain, Kwong Lee Temple, also known as "Zhong Hui Zun Temple, built by the people for the Memorial are the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms Liang Taizu Zhu Wen Beichen Mountain sunset beauty called" Min Wang, "by Wang know. According to legend, the Lunar February 12th is the day of the immortality of the Min Wang, before and after 5, Beichen mountain temple fair unprecedented tourists pilgrims, such as weaving, firecrackers and opera voices, a unique folk landscape. Beichen mountain "Asgard" surviving Song, Ming and Qing dynasties carved stone. North Star Peak water rush down the waterfall nearly kilometer-long, and for thousands of years will never run dry. Mountain due to the long-term erosion of the water and the formation of a canyon and the 12 top-down the homeopathic distribution of pools, known as the twelve Longtan. Kitayama twelve Longtan Xiamen, one of the 20 King. In addition, Beichen Mountain Xiangu hole, fairy waterfall, water holes, Min Wang Wang trial know cenotaph, gate, the stone turtle, Shek Nga, stone vessels, stone sedan such as the landscape.